Friday, February 20, 2009

Classic Material

When Beef Goes Wrong


jihad next to be signed?

Rules for Women

1. Men are visual--Ladies lets not get comfortable.. he met you looking a certain way
2. They love attention--make them feel special
3. Men have low self-esteem--let them know you are there for them and not the material items
4. They want to be in control--ladies let them feel like they are in control,it is ok
5. Men really can't handle i.n.d.e.p.e.n.d.e.n.t woman so let them feel like we need them( we don't really)
6.Men that don't measure up to your stats list--ladies they don't change they just get worse
7. Women we must start respecting ourselves before we can demand respect--we already know if we want him or not...lets take it slow lol

L.L Cool J. one of the best dis records ever!!

Ll Cool J Jack The Ripper - Kool Moe Dee Diss via

50 Cent-Has He Gone Too Far?

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Rather Go Blind??

Do Women Go To Far When They Are The Jump Off?
Why is it that ery time a woman finds a man that is involved in a relationship she has to get in competition mode? We all know that most women are emotional and can't handle being the other woman so why is this so prevalent? Ladies even though there is a shortage of men for various reasons keep it real---Hangin out is cool, 1 to 2 times a week---do the adult thing have fun but lets not overdose on the thought that he is really gonna fall for you, hell you really don't want him either---it is 2009 lets have fun and stop the drama!!

New Jennifer Hudson Video

For "Finally".
I think she looks actually fab in this one.
Don't you?

Thursday, February 5, 2009

New Wealth Trends Going Forward

Lets Make Moves--Ask Yourself These Questions
1. Do You Like Your Job?
2. Do You Have Enough Money To Live On For 6 Months?
3. Are You Debt Free?
4. Do You Have Time For Yourself- Make Your Own Schedule?
* If You Can't Answer Yes To All Of These Questions Then Lets Make Moves*
Financial Freedom Is Becoming Self Employeed
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There are two types of people: Seller(business owner with a written vision for success) and the Buyer(pay check to pay check worker with no vision for financial freedom)
What is required for the opportunity: 1. Open mind to learn 2. Focus 3. Integrity 4. Sacrifice 5. passion to work w/ the team 6. Humility 7. Faith 8. Long Suffering--which is the definition of patience 9. Small Investment 10. Team Edification--At all times!!
Business ownership is ours and you dont need a college degree-just check out my site is not built to be a leader that is why they are so few and far between:)

a must see Defiance

I don't know about you but Daniel Craig did a stellar performance in the movie Defiance. This is a movie about how the Jewish people endured racial prejudice by the hands of German/Russian people. If you love history and memoirs i highly suggest this flick. This movie showed how a normally non violent people took charge to survive in harsh terrain for almost five years. It is a movie that shows strength and unification of a group of strangers that had a common bond--race/survival.

San Antonio Holmes Nude Shower Pic.

I am appalled at this guys track record. He made a mistake selling drugs-people do what they fell they have to do to survive, but what about donating to rehab centers or talking to people who are affected by drugs-he has money now. Enough about that---lets talk about the shower scene don't get me wrong it looks real, if you have seen this pic. lets talk... I wanted to put it on my blog but that would be wrong l.o.l ( He looks very comfortable in front of the camera) go steelers:)

Would You Snitch?

In a suburb of Philadelphia, a family was brutally attacked by a group of thugs. The patriarch was murdered and the person that was in charge of staging this robbery was the families nephew. The bandits where told that the house would have $100,000 dollars in a safe. Long story short they made off with $15,000 giving the nephew $2,000 (his cut). The question is if you knew without a shadow of a doubt that your family member committed this horrible crime would you tell? The families names are shin/shay-story released last week of january.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Smerconish crossing party lines-liberal in training lol

Head Strong: Debating Musharraf on hunt for bin Laden


For years, I have been critical of the relationship between the United States and Pakistan as it pertains to the unsuccessful hunt for Osama bin Laden. On Tuesday, I had the extraordinary chance to voice my opinions to former Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf in a one-on-one interview.

I tried to be courteous but direct. I told Musharraf that I believed we'd outsourced the hunt to his government in return for payments that now total $11 billion, only to then have him place faith in the same tribal warlords believed to be offering safe harbor to the 9/11 fiend.

Musharraf wasted no time in telling me I was naive.

"I think, let me be very, very frank. None of what you are saying is true," he offered. We spoke for 40 minutes. And while I appreciated his earnest rebuttals, I found they confirmed some of my suspicions.

I remain concerned that Musharraf doesn't share our priorities - specifically, that he doesn't place the same weight on capturing or killing bin Laden as many of us in the United States do. Nor does it seem that he did closer in time to 9/11. In the months and years after the attacks, the former president told me, the Pakistani troops deployed to eradicate the forces of Islamic fundamentalism were not assigned the specific mission of finding bin Laden and Ayman al-Zawahiri. The objective, he said, was to eliminate foreigners and al-Qaeda forces from the tribal areas.

"That mission certainly was not, 'OK, you will go in and hunt for Osama and Zawahiri only.' No, that was not their mission. Their mission was to eliminate any foreigners, the al-Qaeda, from that area, wherever they were," Musharraf said. "So in the process, if Zawahiri or Osama came in, very good, like all the other al-Qaeda leaders who we got, whether from the tribal areas or from the settled areas where they had escaped."

I never assumed that the Pakistani military was solely focused on finding the two, however, nor did I expect that such a specific responsibility was unassigned. We know the United States doesn't have troops on the ground in Pakistan tracking the duo. It sounds like neither does he.

I told him I found this lack of tasking particularly problematic in light of his 2006 and 2007 accords with the leaders of the Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA), where it has been reported that mutual promises were made for noninterference. Certain of those FATA leaders are from areas where bin Laden is presumed to be hiding. Musharraf himself conceded that the 2006 deal "fell flat" because "it was not from a position of strength as it ought to be."

He argued that the accord negotiated in 2007 was stronger because it contained four central elements: signers would eradicate al-Qaeda from their area; halt all cross-border Taliban activity; punish any violator; and specifically delineate a system to ensure that the punishments were carried out. He defended both accords on the basis that the Pakistani military killed hundreds of Taliban and al-Qaeda sympathizers, and lost 1,500 of its own troops in the process.

I raised the relationship with the FATA leaders because of a 2007 National Security Estimate that concluded that Musharraf's agreements had actually given bin Laden's forces the leeway to regroup. And this view was echoed last year, when the nonpartisan Government Accountability Office, the investigative arm of Congress, issued a report with a title that said a great deal: "Combating Terrorism: The United States Lacks Comprehensive Plan to Destroy the Terrorist Threat and Close the Safe Haven in Pakistan's Federally Administered Tribal Areas."

Musharraf said he made those agreements with tribal leaders knowing that half of them were potentially unreliable or worse. "Maybe half of them are double-crossing. But I always believe . . . doesn't matter, get it signed. This is the reason: Let them double-cross, we'll pressure them. But at least 50 percent, half of them will be on your side."

The former president said views such as mine were easily offered far from the realities of what he has confronted in the tribal regions - the terrain is vast and unmanageable, the people look the same and all carry weapons, and there are no defense lines.

"They are all fighters. They all fight. They are tribes, and they don't want [or] like intrusion on their area. This area, even the British never intruded in the area for three centuries. They never went in. The deal that they struck was only one road, no moving on any other road. They dared not because they were fighters," he said.

"All that I would like to say is, yes, it's very difficult to understand what I'm saying for a person who's living here in very settled and developed conditions. We can't even imagine what this area is and what the people are. We can't imagine what a tribal society is, uneducated. They are maybe living in Middle Ages; they are living two, three hundred years behind us."

No doubt that is true. And in spending time with Musharraf (two substantive conversations in the span of three days), it was easy for me to see why the Bush administration found him to be our best hope for stability in an untamed part of the world. But his defiant arguments and force of personality were insufficient to overcome my belief that, seven years removed from 9/11, justice eludes us because of flaws in our approach.

President Obama promised to bring change not only to Washington, but also to our approach with Pakistan. Many, including me, are anxious to see him deliver on that promise.

Why is khalil kain still sexy?


Obama Is The Second Black President!!

From The File

A "Black" Man, A Moor, John Hanson
Was the First President of the United States! 1781-1782 A.D.

George Washington
was really the 8th President of the United States!

George Washington was not the first President of the United States. In fact, the first President of the United States was one John Hanson. Don't go checking the encyclopedia for this guy's name - he is one of those great men that are lost to history. If you're extremely lucky, you may actually find a brief mention of his name.

The new country was actually formed on March 1, 1781 with the adoption of The Articles of Confederation.
This document was actually proposed on June 11, 1776, but not agreed upon by Congress until November 15, 1777. Maryland refused to sign this document until Virginia and New York ceded their western lands (Maryland was afraid that these states would gain too much power in the new government from such large amounts of land).

Once the signing took place in 1781, a President was needed to run the country. John Hanson was chosen unanimously by Congress (which included George Washington). In fact, all the other potential candidates refused to run against him, as he was a major player in the revolution and an extremely influential member of Congress.

As the first President, Hanson had quite the shoes to fill. No one had ever been President and the role was poorly defined. His actions in office would set precedent for all future Presidents.

He took office just as the Revolutionary War ended. Almost immediately, the troops demanded to be paid. As would be expected after any long war, there were no funds to meet the salaries. As a result, the soldiers threatened to overthrow the new government and put Washington on the throne as a monarch.

All the members of Congress ran for their lives, leaving Hanson as the only guy left running the government. He somehow managed to calm the troops down and hold the country together. If he had failed, the government would have fallen almost immediately and everyone would have been bowing to King Washington. In fact, Hanson sent 800 pounds of sterling siliver by his brother Samuel Hanson to George Wasington to provide the troops with shoes.

Hanson, as President, ordered all foreign troops off American soil, as well as the removal of all foreign flags. This was quite the feat, considering the fact that so many European countries had a stake in the United States since the days following Columbus.

Hanson established the Great Seal of the United States, which all Presidents have since been required to use on all official documents.

President Hanson also established the first Treasury Department, the first Secretary of War, and the first Foreign Affairs Department.

Lastly, he declared that the fourth Thursday of every November was to be Thanksgiving Day, which is still true today.

The Articles of Confederation only allowed a President to serve a one year term during any three year period, so Hanson actually accomplished quite a bit in such little time.

Six other presidents were elected after him - Elias Boudinot (1783), Thomas Mifflin (1784), Richard Henry Lee (1785), Nathan Gorman (1786), Arthur St. Clair (1787), and Cyrus Griffin (1788) - all prior to Washington taking office.

So what happened?

Why don't we ever hear about the first seven Presidents of the United States?

It's quite simple - The Articles of Confederation didn't work well. The individual states had too much power and nothing could be agreed upon.

A new doctrine needed to be written - something we know as the Constitution.

And that leads us to the end of our story.

George Washington was definitely not the first President of the United States. He was the first President of the United States under the Constitution we follow today.

And the first seven Presidents are forgotten in history.