Thursday, February 5, 2009

New Wealth Trends Going Forward

Lets Make Moves--Ask Yourself These Questions
1. Do You Like Your Job?
2. Do You Have Enough Money To Live On For 6 Months?
3. Are You Debt Free?
4. Do You Have Time For Yourself- Make Your Own Schedule?
* If You Can't Answer Yes To All Of These Questions Then Lets Make Moves*
Financial Freedom Is Becoming Self Employeed
**This Monday Feb. 9th** 7:30 pm National Director teaching duplication tecniques on how to earn $10,000/month** No matter where you from National or International waters I want you on my team... You let google, and microsoft pass you by...don't let the latest technology craze go...If you still rely on antiquated analog land lines,web cams etc. please,please,please let me help you come to the future where we work smart not hard.( if you are sceptical that is a good thing that means you are intrested-I only want Go-Gettas-
There are two types of people: Seller(business owner with a written vision for success) and the Buyer(pay check to pay check worker with no vision for financial freedom)
What is required for the opportunity: 1. Open mind to learn 2. Focus 3. Integrity 4. Sacrifice 5. passion to work w/ the team 6. Humility 7. Faith 8. Long Suffering--which is the definition of patience 9. Small Investment 10. Team Edification--At all times!!
Business ownership is ours and you dont need a college degree-just check out my site is not built to be a leader that is why they are so few and far between:)

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